Teaching Earth Dynamics: What's Wrong with Plate Tectonics

Textbooks frequently extol plate tectonics theory without questioning what might be wrong with the theory or without discussing a competitive theory. How can students be taught to challenge popular ideas when they are only presented a one-sided view? In a just a few pages, J. Marvin Herndon, pictured at left, describe more than a century of geodynamic ideas. He reviews what is wrong with plate tectonics theory and with Earth expansion theory, and describe his new Whole-Earth Decompression Dynamics Theory, which unifies the two previous, dominant theories in a self-consistent manner. Along the way, Herndon disclose details of what real science is all about, details all too often absent in textbooks and classroom discussions. In these few pages, J. Marvin Herndon only touch on highlights and just part the curtain a bit so that teachers might glimpse ways to bring to their students some of the richness and excitement of discovery that becomes evident when one begins to question prevailing, currently popular perceptions of our world. (for full article, click here)

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