New Indivisible Geoscience Paradigm

In the Origin of Continents and Oceans, Alfred Wegener (right), the father of “continental drift theory”, the forerunner of “plate tectonics”, stated: “The determination and proof of relative continental displacements, as shown by the previous chapters, have proceeded purely empirically, that is, by means of the totality of geodetic, geophysical, geological, biological and paleoclimatic data, but without making any assumptions about the origin of these processes. This is the inductive method, one which the natural sciences are forced to employ in the vast majority of cases. The formulation of the laws of falling bodies and of the planetary orbits was first determined purely inductively, by observation; only then did Newton appear and show how to derive these laws deductively from the one formula of universal gravitation. This is the normal scientific procedure, repeated time and again. The Newton of drift theory has not yet appeared.”

Originally, J. Marvin Herndon's discoveries and insights proceeded empirically. First,  Herndon (left) had idea that the inner core is nickel silicide (click here) which led to demonstrating by ratios of mass that the parts of Earth's interior match corresponding parts of an enstatite chondrite. The Earth being like an enstatite chondrite led him to understand the basis for large amounts of uranium in the core (click here) which led to the concept of a nuclear fission reactor, the georeactor, at the Earth's center (click here). With appreciation of the physical impossibility of sustained core-convection (click here), Herndon realized that the georeactor is not only a heat source but also the location for convection-driven dynamo production of the Earth's magnetic field (click here). Even before all this, Herndon and Suess had shown that primordial condensate is expected to have the state of oxidation as an enstatite chondrite, which is like the interior of the Earth, and is like that predicted by Eucken for Earth raining out from a giant gaseous protoplanet (click here). With appreciation of the physical impossibility of mantle-convection (click here), Herndon set forth a new, non-mantle-convection geodynamic concept called Whole-Earth Decompression Dynamics (click here) which is a consequence of Earth's early formation as a Jupiter-like gas giant. Whoa! All of the above are consequences of Earth's early formation as a Jupiter-like gas giant. Earth's components and processes are truly indivisible; the geology of Earth is inextricably connected with our planet's origin as a Jupiter-like gas giant; the components and processes can now be derived, as Herndon did in deriving a new understanding for the origin of mountain chains characterized by folding (check here), which obviated the necessity to assume supercontinent cycles (click here).

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At left, seafloor dynamics without mantle convection according to Herndon's Whole-Earth Decompression Dynamics.

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